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Southern Maine Chapter Newsletter

   March 2022

Vol 37  No. 2


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President’s Page

Ladies and gentlemen,

Is it Spring yet?  Hello everyone! 

Hope you are all braving this Maine winter.  We started out pretty mild but saw some really cold temps in January.  I am writing this to you during the February 4th ice storm, grateful that I have the ability to work safely at home today.  It’s nice to think ahead to warmer days, including our next scheduled luncheon on Saturday April 2nd at the Maine Military Museum in South Portland. 

I was so pleased with the turnout we had in December and hope to see even more of you in April.  We had the pleasure of awarding Adria Horn the 4th Annual Ann LePage Service to Veterans award in December.  Check out the photos on page 3.  For our next meeting we will have a Tour of Italy lunch.  I promise you will not go home hungry!  Out guest speaker for the luncheon will be Special Agent Andrew P. Snowdon.  Special Agent Snowdon serves as Executive Assistant Director for Atlantic Operations for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).  In this position, he oversees all investigations and operations across nine NCIS field offices and subordinate elements located throughout the eastern United States, Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and aboard carrier and expeditionary strike groups based on the east coast.  I had the distinct honor of hearing him speak at the NH Chapter MOAA luncheon in November and knew right away that I wanted to get him in from of our group.  Please feel free to invite a guest that would like to hear Special Agent Snowdon’s remarks.

Following our luncheon in April we will be moving right into Advocacy in Action, formerly known as Storming the Hill.  This is our opportunity as a National Organization to meet with our Congressional Delegations and educate them on the key issues that MOAA has selected for this year’s advocacy.  While we are still waiting for the exact topics and issues to be named, you can count on the fact that they will be issues of importance to the military community and usually include pay, benefits and healthcare.  We had a great team last year comprised of Bill Hall, Mike Delia and Mark Patrick. I am hoping that we will be able to meet Senators Collins and King, Congresswoman Pingree and Congressman Golden in their local offices here in Maine in early May.  If you are interested in being part of this initiative, please let me know!

Finally – I want to get another date on your calendar.  August 6th will be the Annual Clambake (and lobster!) with the NH Chapter at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  Please save the date for what promises to be another great event. 

Yours in Service,

Brenda Pennels,

President, Southern Maine Chapter

Health Care Update

Covid cases and hospitalizations are decreasing – for now.  The virus still out there, of course, and now four coronavirus test kits per are available, without charge, to every household.  If you’d like to place an order, go to covidtests.gov.  (My order came quickly.) Retail pharmacies also have the tests, but you’ll have to pay for them.  If you have private health insurance, you may apply for reimbursement from your policy.  Oddly, neither Medicare nor Tricare is authorized to reimburse such expenses.  Good news for VA health care patients:  the new VA clinic in Portland (it’s impressive!) opened on February 11th. Bad news for Medicare beneficiaries: The Part B premium climbed 18 percent from last year, to $170.10 for 2022.  Part of the increase was to cover possible expenses for a new Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm.  Since the Food and Drug Administration recently approved Medicare coverage of Aduhelm only in clinical trials, the Part B premium increase might be shaved back somewhat.  (Col Bill Hall)

ROTC/JROTC Program Update

Key Dates for ROTC/JROTC Awards Ceremonies, 2021

There are a total of 8 Junior Programs and 4 Senior Programs in our state.  The listing below reflects both programs and known dates shared with us to date.  I have broken them down by Military Branch as well as program type (Junior or Senior).  For the programs that we have dates of their awards presentation, they have been listed along with the phone number of the school.  With COVID-19 still affecting school schedules, you can understand that many programs remain in flux at this point.  As additional information is received, I will update you in future Newsletter editions.  Any member who wishes to represent the Chapter by presenting the award should contact the school.

Junior ROTC


Bangor High School                           207-992-5570                    (April 30, 2022)

Hermon High School                          207-848-5436                    (May 6, 2022)

Nokomis Regional High School         207-368-5239                   ( April 2022, date TBD)

Old Town High School                       207-827-3910 ext 309       (March 26, 2022)

Sacopee Valley High School              207-625-2303                   (TBD)

Air Force

Brewer High School                           207-989-4140                   (TBD)

Lewiston High School                        207-795-4190 ext 5246    (TBD)


Massabesic High School                     207-247-5011                   (May 2021, date TBD)

Senior ROTC


University of Maine, Orono:  207-581-1121    Awards Ceremony (May 2022, date TBD) Commissioning (May, 2022, date TBD)

University of Southern Maine, Portland, Gorham:  207-891-1839  Awards Ceremony (May 06, 2022)      Commissioning (May 2021, date TBD) 


University of Maine, Orono: 207-581-1551     Commissioning (May 2022, date TBD)

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine:   207-326-2356    Commissioning (May 2022, date TBD)      Awards Ceremony at Castine (TBD)                                         

Note:  The Pine Tree Chapter of MOAA has closed its doors, effective 2021.  Our Chapter is the only one in the State of Maine that supports the JROTC and SROTC programs.  Presently, we support these programs by providing annual awards and a gift for deserving cadets in both the JROTC and the Senior ROTC programs.  The Chapter also provides a $500 scholarship for the Senior ROTC Detachments, one each for the two Army programs and one each for the two Navy programs.  These awards are made possible by generous member contributions each year.  We thank you for your support.  (COL Frank Toderico, ROTC Chair)

April Speaker: Andrew P. Snowdon, Executive Assistant Director, Atlantic Operations, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

We trust that you all are braving yet another Maine winter in good shape.  This edition of the Newsletter is a bit later than usual due to the pandemic.  Our normal meeting date would be around the middle of March but this year the Board moved the date to April 2 in hopes that it will be safer to meet and socialize more easily.

Our guest speaker this quarter will be Andrew P. Snowdon, Executive Assistant Director, Atlantic Operations, Naval Criminal Investigative Service.  In this position he oversees all investigations and operations across nine NCIS field offices and subordinate elements located throughout the eastern U.S., Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and aboard carrier and expeditionary strike groups based on the east coast.

He was selected as a member of the Senior Executive Service in 2016.  Prior to his current assignment, he served as Executive Assistant Director for Pacific Operations (2016-2018).  He was responsible for all criminal and national security investigations and operations conducted across six NCIS field offices and subordinate elements located throughout the western U.S., Asia, and Australia and aboard carrier and expeditionary strike groups based on the west coast and in Japan.  He completed tours as Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the NCIS Southeast Field Office in Jacksonville, FL (2013-2016) and as Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director at NCIS Headquarters in Quantico, VA (2010-2013).

He served previously as Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the Northwest Field Office with operational responsibilities throughout the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and Alaska (2008-2-10).  He entered the NCIS supervisory rank in 2004 and filled roles as Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) for counter-terrorism at the Northwest Field Office in Bangor, WA; and SSA for criminal investigations and operations at the NCIS Resident Agency, Bremerton, WA.

Mr. Snowdon began his career with NCIS at the Norfolk Field Office in 1997.  He served subsequently in a variety of organizational assignments and mission areas both within the U.S. and abroad.  His assignments included NCIS Resident Agency, Oceana, VA; NCIS Resident Agency, Keflavik, Iceland; and NCIS Resident Unit, Misawa, Japan.  He began his law enforcement career as a police officer and detective at the Manchester, NH Police Department in 1992.

Mr. Snowdon was commissioned as a U.S. Naval Officer in 1988 and received his wings as a Naval Flight Officer in 1989.  He flew numerous operational missions in the P-3C Orion aircraft both on active duty and reserve status through 1997.

Special Agent Snowdon attended Boston University and holds a graduate degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, RI.

Special Agent Snowdon is an excellent speaker and we are confident you will enjoy his presentation.  Do plan to attend our Quarterly Luncheon at the Maine Military Museum, Peary Street, South Portland on April 2nd.  The reservation form can be found Here:  Reservations Form  See you in April!   

Welcome Aboard

The Chapter is pleased to welcome our newest member:

Captain Kevin J. Michaud, USAF, Lewiston, ME  

We look forward to meeting you at one of our future meetings.  And, we thank you for your interest in our Chapter.  (Col Rob McAleer, Membership Chairman)

Membership Dues Update

Just a quick reminder that we are in the middle of our annual dues drive that began in late 2021.  We still have a couple dozen members who have not yet responded.  The dues remain the same for 2022, $20 per year.  If you have not paid, please do so at your earliest convenience.  It will save the Board of Directors members a lot of time by not having to make individual reminder phone calls.  If you need another copy of the dues letter or are not sure if you already paid, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for your continued support.  You can send your dues check to the Southern Maine Chapter, MOAA, P.O. Box 2145, South Portland, ME 04106-2145.  (Col Rob McAleer, Membership Chair) 

Email:  rmcaleer04079@gmail.com

Cell:  207-837-4335

Southern Maine Chapter Supporters (2021)

The Chapter is able to continue its annual operations because of the year in and year out support provided by our members through their annual dues.  In many cases, members are able to provide additional assistance through their voluntary contributions to the General Fund and the ROTC/JROTC programs.  In order to appropriately recognize their support and generosity, the Chapter has established four categories of supporters.  The Standard Bearers are those members who have paid their dues for the current year.  Bronze Star members have donated up to $24.00 extra to the Chapter.  Silver Star members have donated up to $49.00 extra.  And, Gold Star members have donated$50.00 or more.  Regardless of the level of contribution, the Chapter is sincerely grateful for their continuing support. (Col Rob McAleer, Membership Chair)

Gold Star

Robert Backhaus  Scott Berry  Carolyn Bulliner  Greg Curtis  Robert Curtis  Gordon Erikson  Jack Fay  Michael Gentile  Donald Grinnell  Bill Hall  John Ham  Charles Hennessey  Mary Hoffman  Alan Johnston  Dean Krestos  Bill Libby  Mark Patrick  Agnes Roberts  Al Ryan  Craig Smith  Richard Snow  Robert Stakel  Edward Stanhope  Howard Stiles Linwood StockwellFrank Toderico  Lucille Twaddel  Richard Tetrev

Silver Star

Frank Amoroso  Richard Bailey  Gerald Bouchard  Nathan Cagle  David Crump  James Cumming  Michael Delia   Francis Dillon  Aaron Dombroski David Gardner  Gloria Hall  Connie Harrison  Mary Kinsley  Marston Lovell  Don Lowry  Rob McAleer  Thomas Meyers David Patch  Charles Schuman  Richard Thacker  James Varmecky 

Bronze Star

Edward Baehr  David Beattie  William Benson  John Bowen  David Campbell Michael Conlon   Bradley Dupee  Ginny Garneau  Robert Jaffin  Donovan LaJoie  Anthony Liguori  Ronald Lubatti  Paul Loveless  Earle McCormick  Thomas McDevitt  Joan McMhon  Charlotte Perillo  Helen Przywara William Sawyer Douglas Scott  Michael Severance  Charles VanVlack  Donald Welsh  Robert Wood

Standard Bearer

John Bauman  Ralph Black  Charlie Cragin  Paul Cuenin  James Dunn  Lorinda LaFontaine-Farris  Afolph Galonski  Gregoy Grotten  Arn Heggers  Christopher Hoppin  Jim James  Frank Jones  Fred Masciangelo  Laurence Minott  Jams Oikle  Charles O'Reily  Clinton Pearson  Brenda Pennels  Kenneth Pence  Stanley Primmer  Frederick Schwab  Donald Stearns  Frederick Taylor  John Thibault

Winner of the 4th Annual Ann LePage Service to Veterans Award

On December 11, 2021, members of the Southern Maine Chapter, MOAA, met at the Maine Military Museum in South Portland for the last quarterly meeting of the calendar year.  The highlight of the meeting featured the presentation of the 4th Annual Ann LePage Service to Veterans Award to Adria Horn.  Adria serves as the Executive Vice President of Workforce at Tilson Technology Management, a high growth, Maine-base national company whose mission it is to build America’s information infrastructure.  Adria is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and still serves in the Army Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel.  She is pictured on the far right of the above photo.  Also featured are her two daughters as well as former Governor Paul LePage and his spouse, Ann LePage, the first recipient of this Service Award.

In Memoriam

Commander Leonard T. Daley, USN

New Gloucester, Maine

July 3, 2021

Commander Marie T. Gendron, USN

Auburn, Maine

December 4, 2021

"We are grateful for your loyal service to the Nation."

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