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Military Academy Points of Contact

United States Military Academy Recruiting

High School students with a potential interest in attending one of our Military Academies (United State Military Academy, United States Naval Academy or the United States Air Force Academy) should consider reaching out to one of the points of contact listed below.  They are  always looking for opportunities to spread the word about the service academies to potential candidates in local schools and their families.  Their services and advice are free and available upon request.  These talented and dedicated volunteers have current information regarding service academy admission qualifications, processes and procedures.  In addition, they have up-to-date information on ROTC programs nationwide.  They can be contacted at:

USMA:  LTC Scott Wels, 

(207) 272-8671



USNA:  Lt. Jennifer B. Tyll, (2nd VP, Southern Maine Chapter, MOAA)

(207) 829-8159



USAFA:  LtCol Chris Hoppin

(207) 766-2593



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