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Southern Maine Chapter Supporters (2022)

The Chapter is able to continue its annual operations because of the year in and year out support provided by our members through their annual dues.  In many cases, members are able to provide additional assistance through their voluntary contributions to the General Fund and the ROTC/JROTC programs.  In order to appropriately recognize their support and generosity, the Chapter has established four categories of supporters.  The Standard Bearers are those members who have paid their dues for the current year.  Bronze Star members have donated up to $24.00 extra to the Chapter.  Silver Star members have donated up to $49.00 extra.  And, Gold Star members have donated$50.00 or more.  Regardless of the level of contribution, the Chapter is sincerely grateful for their continuing support.

Gold Star

David Campbell  Donald Grinnell  Richard Snow  Richard Tetrev  Edward Stanhope  Howard Stiles  Robert Backhus  K. Scott Berry  Robert Curtis  Michael Delia  Charles Hennessey  Linwood Stockwell  Mark Patrick  Michael Pooler  Craig Smith  Robert Stakel  John Ham  Alan Johnston  Frank Toderico

Silver Star

Richard Bailey  James Cumming  Greg Curtis  Francis Dillon  Arn Heggers  Robert Jaffin  Robert McAleer  Richard Thacker  James Varmecky  Mary Hoffman  Donald Lowry 

Bronze Star

Michael Conlon  Charlotte Perillo  David Beattie  Romeo Belanger  Anthony Liguori  Erle McCormick  Donald Welsh  Joseph Welsh  Jack Bauman  Bradley Dupee  Connie Harrison  Paul Loveless  Marston Lovell  Ronal Lubatti  David Patch  Stanley Primmer  Michael Severance  Charles VanVlack

Standard Bearer

Edward Baehr  Ralph Blaclk  David Carmack  Paul Cuenin  James Dunn  Jack Fay  Lorinda Fontaine-Farr  Adolph Galonski  Ginny Garneau  Linda James  Michael Johnson  Frank Jones  Charlie Pearson  Helen Przywara  William Sawyer  Frederick Taylor  John Thibault  Arthur Wickham  Robert Wood

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