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Southern Maine Chapter Newsletter

   September 2020

   Vol 35  No. 4


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President's Message
Ann LePage Veterans Service Award
New Officers and Members of the Board of Directors

Welcome Aboard
COLA Update
In Memoriam

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President’s Message

I first and foremost want to thank Scott Berry for all the effort he puts in to publish our newsletters.  Scott is at the mercy of the timeliness of the contributors, particularly that of the President.  I must confess and apologize that this newsletter’s lateness is due to me not getting my input in to him until August 16th.

Since my last message, the Board held its first virtual meeting in June, which was a learning experience.  I found out that none of my home computers have a camera or voice function.  My iPad and my laptop do, but they were at my office at Wiscasset Municipal Airport where I spend most of my days.  I was able to see everyone and hear everyone and thanks to Rob McAleer calling me I was able to communicate with the Board.  We all learned that while in the meeting when someone is not speaking that the “mute” function needs to be selected, because the speaker picks up the sound from the person speaking and rebroadcasts what they said.  What comes out if you do not select mute is gibberish that sounds a little like being in a canyon and shouting out HELLO and getting a 100 HELLOS back.  We will try again when we resume our monthly Board meetings for the next 9 months on September 14th at 10:00 AM.    

Our Board Meetings are open to all our membership and by having a virtual meeting anyone that would like to see what goes on during a meeting send Rob McAleer an email requesting that you be included in the meeting.  He will send you instructions on how to join.  His email is rmcaleer04079@gmail.com .  You might enjoy it so much that you will ask to join the Board.

We were supposed to have our quarterly brunch as well in September but after polling the Board the decision was made to cancel.  Our next quarterly meeting will be on Monday December 7, 2020 at the Maine Military Museum.

I hope that life as we knew it before this pandemic will be here by then and many of you will come to celebrate Freedom and honor our newest Ann LePage award winner.  Feel free to nominate someone you feel worthy of the Ann LePage award.  Please see the nominating criteria and deadline in this newsletter. 

Remember: “Never Stop Serving.”

Kind Regards,

Richard H. Tetrev, CDR, USN (Ret)

Election of New Officers and Members of the Board of Directors

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it will not be possible to elect new officers and members of the Board of Directors at a Quarterly Meeting.  Therefore, we are asking members to cast their vote using the written ballot found here Election Ballot.  Kindly mail your ballot to the address listed or email Rob McAleer at:  rmcaleer04079@gmail.com.

Ann LePage Veterans Service Award, 2020

Criteria for Ann LePage Award

Nominee must be involved with veteran issues and demonstrate activity beyond the normal levels of involvement.

Nominee can be a veteran or non-veteran.

Nominee may be an elected official or employed by an elected official.

Nominee should be a Maine citizen.

Nominee should be selected by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Nominations must be received by the October Board meeting.  Discussion and selection will be made at that meeting.

The Award will be given to the successful nominee at the December 7th Quarterly Meeting.

DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, October 1, 2020

Mail Nominations to:

 Southern Maine Chapter, MOAA

P.O.Box 2145

South Portland, ME  04116-2145

Welcome Aboard

We want to wish a warm Welcome Aboard to:

LTC Aaron J. Dombroski, USA and his wife Meghann from Freeport, ME

We look forward to meeting you in person whenever COVID makes that possible.  (Col Rob McAleer, Membership Chair)

COLA Watch Update

The July Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 252.636, 1.0 percent above the FY 2020 COLA baseline.  The CPI for August is scheduled to be released on September 11, 2020.  The CPI baseline for FY 2020 is 250.200.  The 2021 COLA will be based on the CPI average from July through September.  If the trend holds, the odds are that we will have a small COLA increase next year.  Stay tuned over the next two months to be sure.

In Memoriam

             Commander Audrey E. Banks

         South Paris, ME

        May 11, 2020

Lieutenant Colonel Wayne T. Adams

Kennebunkport, ME

July 28, 2020

A Grateful Nation Thanks You For Your Service"

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