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Southern Maine Chapter Newsletter

October 2017

Vol 32  No. 4


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President's Page
Pearl Harbor Day at the Maine Military Museum

11th Annual Mr. "T" Golf Tournament
Military Health Care Update
Southern Maine Chapter ROTC Program 

Induction of New Officers and Members of the Board of Directors
2017 Chapter Quarterly Meeting Dates
COLA Update
Membership Update
In Memoriam

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President’s Page

Ladies and gentlemen,

It has been my distinct privilege to serve as the President of this esteemed group for the last two years.  I am thrilled that we accomplished the goals I set forth at the beginning of my tenure:  to bring our Chapter back to operating in the black financially; to focus our efforts on a few select veterans’ groups, and increasing our support to those three chosen; and to enhance MOAA’s presence within the community as we continue to sponsor a little league program in Cumberland and North Yarmouth and show strong support for Wreaths Across America throughout the state.

The goal of MOAA remains to support those men and women who served this great nation beyond their time in uniform.  I have no doubt our Chapter will continue to pursue these rights and benefits and we will continue to promulgate and update our membership on them.

Please continue to encourage new members to join our ranks and I sincerely hope to see even more of your smiling faces at our December quarterly meeting/social.  This organization is only as strong as the dedication of its members; we need and encourage your participation at the highest levels to remain effective and welcome new faces.

I have no doubt that my successor, CDR Rick Tetrev, USN (Ret.), will be an incredible source of inspiration and motivation and I look forward to embracing the future of our Chapter under his leadership.  Thank you again to everyone for your faith and trust.  I am most humbled by its experience.

"Novum Millennium Fabricari"

LT Jen Tyll

Eleventh Annual “Mr. T” Memorial Golf Tournament

August 23rd started out as a humid, cloudy day, but by the time we hit the links, you could feel a change in the air.  It turned out to be one of the best days for golf all year.  Seven teams took the field, and a good time was had by all, even the duffers.  Thanks to our eleven sponsors and our 28 players, the net money for the scholarship program is just over $2,500.  When hunger strikes you, please remember Easy Day Bowling in South Portland (love those pepperoni rolls), Arby’s in Topsham, Papa John’s in Portland, Mr. Bagel in Gorham, and Allagash Brewing in Portland.  Golf & Ski Warehouse in Scarborough provided the gift certificate prizes for first and third place, and Sable Oaks provided the gift certificates for second place.  Four free pizzas from Papa John’s were the fourth-place award.  Naturally, my team came in fifth, for which there is no prize.

Thanks to all who helped with this year’s tournament, and we will be looking for more help next year.  (LT(jg) Jack Fay, Fund-raising Chair)

Southern Maine Chapter ROTC Program

Another school year is just beginning for ROTC programs throughout the state.  Below is a listing of the Junior and Senior ROTC programs that we support throughout Maine.  There are a total of 8 Junior Programs and 3 Senior Programs.  The programs listed below are broken down by Military Branch with a school phone number for contact purposes:

Junior ROTC:


Bangor High School   207-992-5570  

Hermon High School   207-848-5436   

Nokomis Regional High School   207-362-4354 ext 510 

Old Town High School   207-827-3910 

Sacopee Valley High School   207-625-2303 


Brewer High School   207-989-4140 

Lewiston High School   207-795-4190 ext 2266 


Massabesic High School 207-247-3141 ext 2228  (Note:  Students from Bonny Eagle High School are allowed to attend JROTC classes at Massabesic High School.)

Senior ROTC:


University of Maine, Orono   207-581-1121 


University of Maine, Orono   207-581-1551 

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine

We currently support these organizations by providing annual awards and a gift for deserving cadets.  We provide the Senior ROTC programs with scholarship checks for a deserving cadet/midshipman in the amount of $500 each, funded through Chapter member donations each year and from our annual Military Scholarship Golf Tournament, held in September.  Members can be proud of the support their generous donations provide for these excellent leadership programs.  The future Officer Corps starts with the ROTC/JROTC organizations.  We will be reporting more on the ROTC program in 2018.     (COL Frank Toderico, ROTC Chair) 

2018 Chapter Quarterly Meeting Dates

March 10, 2018

June 9, 2018

September 8, 2018

December 7, 2018

The above dates are for your planning calendars for 2018.  The first three Quarterly Meetings will be held at the Woodlands Club in Falmouth where we have met for a number of years.  The last meeting date will be held at the Maine Military Museum in South Portland on Pearl Harbor Day.

Quarterly Chapter Get Together --  Pearl Harbor Day at the Maine Military Museum

In 2016 the Chapter Board of Directors decided to make some changes to the Quarterly Meetings breakfast and lunch rotation at the Woodlands Club to, hopefully, attract more of the membership to our get togethers.

We will meet on Thursday DECEMBER 7, 2017 with our first foray into a totally different type of an event.

It will be at the MAINE MILITARY MUSEUM at 1130 AM, located at 50 Peary Terrace, South Portland.

We have chosen the museum because it honors the men and women who have served our state and country from as far back as the Revolution up until today's wars and conflicts.  Additionally, we felt that the 7th of December is often a forgotten day in American history, as it is Pearl Harbor Day, and a day in military history that changed the world.

We will not have a formal “sit down” lunch but rather have an informal lunch, a presentation by Lee Humiston who is the Director and Curator of the Museum, and guided tours in the museum.  There will also need to be a short business meeting to induct our new officers and directors. 

Our speaker is a retired Air Force officer who, through a love of military history and the state of Maine, and without any outside financial assistance from any government agency, local, state, or federal, has put together a collection of memorabilia that is totally remarkable.  His excitement is infectious and will leave you wanting more.

Please bring a friend or two for this special event, and if you know someone who is eligible to be a member of MOAA but is not a member, bring them too.

There is a charge to cover costs of $15.00 per person and the reservation form is included in this Newsletter. 

(Reservation Form)

Military Health Care Update

For those of us MOAA members who use TRICARE for health care coverage, 2018 is truly a year of change.  TRICARE Standard is being eliminated, so in 2018 everyone must select a TRICARE plan type - Prime, Select (replacing Prime), or TRICARE For Life (available for Medicare-eligible people only). If you have Prime now, you will be enrolled automatically into Prime for 2018.  If you have Standard, you’ll be auto-enrolled into Select.  You may change your plan type, or drop TRICARE altogether, during the year. Beginning in 2019, plan selection will be limited to a fall open enrollment period. TRICARE For Life (TFL) doesn’t change - just make sure you start Medicare when you become eligible.  

The other big change coming is a new set of higher enrollment fees and co-payments for Prime and Select, with a provision to grandfather those who are already serving or have retired from the military.  Some of the co-payment changes are quite substantial, and for those who are not grandfathered, these prices will rise in proportion to medical cost inflation - setting the stage for a fairly rapid increase in cost.  TFL users don’t entirely escape higher cost because, as the most intensive users of pharmaceuticals, they will bear the largest burden from the increases in drug copayments.  

Since Congress still has not passed the National Defense Act for fiscal year 2018, there are still unknowns in the TRICARE program, including the provision for grandfathering. We just have to stay tuned - and be willing to talk to our congressional representatives.  (Note: Martin’s Point has sent a letter to all of its current  members explaining changes to its TRICARE plan, the US Family Health Plan.) (Col Bill Hall, Secretary)

Induction of New Officers and Members of the Board of Directors

Our Chapter bylaws require us to install the newly elected slate of officers and members of the Board of Directors at our December Quarterly Meeting.  The new officers for 2018 elected by our members at the September Quarterly Meeting include:

New Officer Slate for 2018

President:  CDR Richard H. Tetrev, USN

1st Vice President:  LT(jg) John J. Fay, USN

2nd Vice President:  CDR David A. Patch, USN

Secretary:  Col William E. Hall, USAF

Treasurer:  LCDR Mark S. Patrick, USN

Immediate Past President:  LT Jennifer B. Tyll, USN

Board of Directors for 2018-2020

COL Henry C. Adams, USA

LTC John Ham, USA

Col Robert P. McAleer, USMC

Please plan to join us for the December Quarterly Meeting at the Maine Military Museum, 50 Peary Terrace, South Portland at 11:30 AM to welcome our newly elected officers and the newest members of the Board of Directors.  The installation ceremony will only take a few minutes as part of our normal business activities.  Then enjoy the informal lunch with beer and wine, coffee and soft drinks.  See the Reservation Form for more information.

COLA Update

The final COLA for the 2017 fiscal year is in. Retired pay and Social Security benefits will be increased by 2 percent starting in January 2018.  In other words, you will see a $20 increase for every $1000 of retired pay received.  The final COLA is determined by comparing the average CPI of the final three months of the fiscal year to the same quarter of the prior year.  MOAA had predicted a 1.8 percent increase but an unexpected sharp rise in oil prices in September pushed September CPI higher than anticipated.

Membership Update

Our annual dues drive has ended and the Board of Directors has made an effort to connect with anyone who has not yet sent in their payment.  We still have several members that have not paid in the past two years.  If you fall into that category, you will be removed from our membership list and this will be the last Newsletter you receive.  For all of you that did send in a payment, thank you for your continuing support.  (Col Rob McAleer, Membership Chairman)

In Memoriam

Commander Harry W. Kinsley, USN

Limerick, ME

October 30, 2017

"We are grateful for your loyal service to the Nation..."
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