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Southern Maine Chapter Newsletter

   August 2018

   Vol 33  No. 3


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President's Message
September Speaker
New Officers and Members of the Board of Directors
COLA Update

In Memoriam
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President’s Message

Ladies and Gentlemen,    

I hope that your summer is going well and that each one of you have had a chance to get some “down” time with family and friends.  Ever since I came to Maine in February of 1978, I came to understand that every season requires getting ready for the next.  For the Board, we don’t meet in the summer, but for many of us we are getting ready to start back up in September.

We do many good things for all veterans.  We are a service organization.  Please think about that.  National MOAA’s motto is “Never Stop Serving.”  We are at a cross road in our Chapter.  We need you, our members, to help us serve.  We do not have a single year group of board members that meets the number required by our By-Laws.  Our membership roll is shrinking and very few are coming to join us.     

I have a challenge to everyone who reads this.  Recruit one member to replace yourself.  If everyone would do that, just think we would double our size, thus our effectiveness.  I know it is hard, but wouldn’t it be worthwhile?     

I imagine some of you reading this are saying to yourself, “isn’t this President’s Message downbeat and discouraging?”  But let me say, everyone needs to know the truth about what is happening.  I speak from experience.  I was the Chairman of the Naval Air Station Brunswick BRAC committee and the community was complacent.  Now there is no NASB.       

Friends, don’t let this happen to our Chapter.

Kind Regards,

Richard H. Tetrev, CDR, USN (Ret)

COLA Watch Update

The June 2018 Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 246.196, 2.7 percent above the FY 2018 COLA baseline.  The CPI for July is scheduled to be released on August 10, 2018.  The 2018 COLA will be based on the CPI average from July through September.  If the trend holds, the odds are that we will have a COLA increase next year.

New Officers and Members of the Board of Directors

Our Chapter By-Laws require us to nominate a new slate of officers and members of the Board of Directors (next three-year term) for consideration by our members in advance of the September Quarterly Meeting each year.  The Nominating Committee has proposed the following, which will be voted upon at the next Quarterly Chapter Meeting at the Woodlands Club on September 8th:

Proposed Officer Slate for 2018
CDR Richard H. Tetrev, USN
1st Vice President
LT (JG) John J. Fay, USN
2nd Vice President
CDR David A. Patch, USN
Col William E. Hall, USAF
LCDR Mark S. Patrick, USN
Immediate Past President
LT Jennifer B. Tyll, USN
Board of Directors for 2019-2021
Col James A. Volkommer, USAF CPT Robert B. Wood, USA Col Frank J. Toderico, ARNG
Board of Directors for 2018-2020
Col Robert P. McAleer, USMC COL Henry C. Adams, USA LTC John Ham, USA
Board of Directors for 2017-2019
LTC K. Scott Berry, USA LCDR Paul F. Loveless, USN Col Doug Scott USAFR/ANG

Colonel Kelley Kash, Our September Speaker   

Our next Quarterly Meeting will take place on Saturday, September 8th at the Woodlands Club, beginning at 9 AM.  The reservation form can be found on page 3.  The speaker will be Kelley Kash, Colonel, USAF, retired.  He has served as Chief Executive Officer, Maine Veterans’ Homes (MVH) since October 2007.  Prior to coming to MVH, he concluded a 23-year career in the Air Force Medical Service Corps.  His last active duty posting was a Commander, 18th Medical Group, Kadena Air Base, Japan.  He also served as Director, Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center – Europe, playing a leading role in aeromedical evacuation operations in support of both Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM.  He is active in national advocacy and long-term care policy.  He is President of the National Association of State Veterans Homes and a member of the Not-For-Profit Council of the American Health Care Association.  He graduated from Colby College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Classics and Ohio State University with a Master’s Degree in Hospital and Health Services Administration.  He and his wife, Ann, live in Nobleboro. 

Please join us on September 8th and meet Kelley Kash and enjoy another delicious brunch prepared by the talented chef at the Woodfords Club.

Click here for your Reservations Form.  See you on September 8th.


In Memoriam


Lieutenant Kenneth M. Mills, Jr., USN

Kennebunk, Maine

May 5, 2018

Lieutenant Commander Theodore A. Laitala, USN

Brunswick Maine

November 14, 2018

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Franklin C. Leavitt Jr., USMC

Topsham, Maine

November 14, 2018

"We are grateful for your loyal service to the Nation..."

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